Flat Ribbed Vinylex flat ribbed waterstops are employed in construction joints where movement between members is not anticipated. They are generally used below grade in footings, walls, slabs, or for breaks in concrete due to limitations in working methods.
Ribbed with Center Bulb
Vinylex ribbed center waterstops are employed in expansion joints where movement between members is anticipated. They are generally used above grade but in fact are a universal design and can be used in any type of joint above or below grade.

Split Ribbed

Vinylex split ribbed waterstops are used in either construction or expansion joints where elimination of split form work is feasible. The split leg of the waterstop is spread open and nailed to the bulk head. When the form work is removed following completion of first pour, the split leg is joined together and the second pour completed.

Vinylex Dumbbell waterstops are used in construction joints where movement between members is not anticipated. They are usually employed below grade and in horizontal applications.

Base Seals
Although Vinylex manufactures more than sixty stock waterstop profiles, engineering and design sometimes require a different configuration. Take a look at cross-sections that have been designed to meet some of these special applications. Each has been thoroughly tested on the job.

Special Shapes
In rare instances, a specially designed profile may be required. When a need of this nature arises, consult your Vinylex Distributor.

Tear Web
Used when abnormal or unusual joint opening is anticipated. It is easily remembered by our designation "TWB" (Tear Web Bulb).

Waterstop Installation

Check out the Do's and Don'ts of Waterstop installation.


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